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  • We have years of experience in working with apartment complexes, town home communities, and condos

  • We have strategic partnerships with moving companies, cleaning companies, and management companies to guarantee no hassle

  • Our clientele is corporations in need of upscale contemporary executive housing

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“The Outstanding Stay founders, Dave and Scott, have amazing integrity and are beyond reproach. In the history of our relationship, I have come to realize that they do what they say and say what they mean." 


“Outstanding Stay has been an outstanding company to work with. They desire a win-win in every situation, whether it be with their bank, their apartment complex managers, their investors, their guests, or their employees."


Let Outstanding Stay Be Your

Outstanding Tenant

Outstanding Stay is your turnkey solution to 100% occupancy. Let us help you by being a long-term partner and lease-holder. We lease between one and five apartments in any single building in order to leave occupancy for longterm tenants. Outstanding Stay is licensed and insured leaving no risk for apartments, with a policy covering over a million dollars in liability. 

We strive to delight our guests with customer service that is competent, compassionate, and responsive; to run seamless systems & operations at all of our spectacular locations, and to provide professional support to our strategic partners, vendors, and employees. We want to help you in any way we can, whether it is utilizing our apartment in your building for new tenant showings or partnering on marketing material. We consider our partners team members. 

We like to start our new apartment relationships with a one-apartment lease to make sure our guests are happy with the location and amenities of our partnering properties. We aspire to lease four to five properties with our partners to meet the demand of our clientele.