Partnership FAQs


1. What if the City/County doesn’t allow STRs in our apartment complex?


We specifically chose cities that have STR friendly regulations. We go on the county website before choosing each of our locations to see exactly where STR’s are permitted and allowable. 



2. What if we have a limited capacity for STR’s in our Apartment Complex due to our current bank loan or due to tax reasons?


We want a longterm relationship with your apartment complex. If you are not currently at capacity, we would like to partner with you in getting your occupancy closer to 100%. If you are currently at capacity, we would like to keep in touch with you and potential be on your waiting list. We would like the opportunity to prove that we set the standard for temporary executive housing. As soon as you have an available slot, we'd like to be the company that you go to. 



3. What if we do not currently have a corporate rental lease and only have our normal templated residential lease?


Most complexes have corporate rental agreements on hand. If you do not have an official corporate lease, we’ll have a registered agent sign your normal residential lease and put a line through the “no subletting” clause or write in a special STR clause with you. Also, we have our own lease created by our legal team that we can share with you.



4. What if we do not want our current residents to have STR neighbors?


 We completely understand your concern. Companies that usually provide Short Term Rentals are often part-timers or hobbyists. They try to personally rent an apartment and then illegally sublet it, bothering neighbors along the way. We run our business very differently. We are trustworthy, proactive, professional, and diligent.


Every guest that stays with us needs to go through an extensive background check. We find that the people willing to go through our background checks are never an issue. We also have our guests sign a strict three-page legal guest-agreement. Above and beyond pre-vetting our guests, we provide a service called NoiseAware that allows us to monitor the decible level in our apartments. If noise in the apartment becomes too loud (due to a guest watching tv too loud or speaking loudly), we will get an alert and let the guest know, as a warning, to lower the sound inside the apartment. This ensures that no neighbors are ever hear our guests. We also prefer to bundle 3-5 apartments leases together on one floor in order to ensure that our guests are segregated from your current long-term apartment lease holder. 



5. Will all your STR guests have background checks?


Yes, we do a background check on for every booking. We run their information within 72 hours of them clicking the “book” button. 



6. Will you be listing/marketing your STR apartment on only your website?


We use a tiered strategy. It starts with our corporate clients. We make sure to provide our clients with luxury apartments in multiple cities. Secondly, we take referals to fill in vacancies in our apartments. Lastly, if we have space, we supplement our vacancies with third-party websites and affiliates, such as TripAdvisor, and Expedia.  No matter how our guests book through us, they are all put through the same rigorous process before they step foot on one of our properties.




7. Is the management for your STR apartment local? 24 hours? Able to arrive within 20 minutes?


Absolutely, we have our local manager on-call 27/7. Also, our cleaning staff come in after every guest to clean and have a bi-weekly check up on each apartment. 


8. What if our apartment complex master insurance policy doesn’t cover any liability or damages for STR’s (guests that stay for under 30 days)?


We have a specialized policy through Proper Insurance that covers $1 million of liability specifically for STR and corporate rentals. This GL policy is meant to go hand-in-hand and fill any gaps in an apartment complex insurance policy.



9. What if your STR apartment gets noise complaints?

Each guest must sign a contract before their stay. One line item protects against loud noises. To monitor and enforce this contractual obligation, we use NoiseAware, a special plug-in meter that measures the decible level in apartments and alerts us when the guest is being loud. We set it our NoiseAware to a decibel level that is lower than necessary so that we are alerted by any noise before it gets loud enough to bother it is audible to any neighbors. 


10. What if there is found to be an excess amounts of people in the apartment?


We know and follow our local zoning laws. Period. Every guest that books with us reviews and signs our three-page binding agreement. Part of the agreement addresses no extra guests allowed during their stay with us. 


11. How do your guests get secure access to our apartment complex?


​​We have partnered with a third-party company called Tiny Doorman. Tiny Doorman answers intercom calls and lets authorized people while keeping unauthorized people out. We create and send a key code to our guest ahead of time and Tiny Doorman will verify the codes and let our authorized guests in the building.


12.  How do your guests get secure access to your apartent unit?


​​​We install a digital-access deadbolt in all of our apartment units. This deadbolt allows access through a four-digit code or a physical master key. We provide you with both the digital code and the physical key so that you or your maintenance crew have 24-hour access to the apartment. 



13. Is there anyone else involved in our decision making process?


In the same way we want to provide you every piece of information we can, we would like to do the same for your supervisor or property owner. How do you get applications and leases approved? We would like to walk with you through the chain of decision makers to assist in this process and make sure all questions and concerns are addressed and answered.